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Desperate for God: 31 Prayers of Men and Women in the Bible PAPERBACK

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Desperate for God:31 Prayers of Men and Women in the Bible is a 31-day Paperback Bible reading plan and journal. This product is also available in digital format as a pdf.

“He will respond to the prayers of the destitute.” Psalm 102:17

Because all of us are lacking. It isn’t about what we are missing in our lives, but about Who we desperately need.

Each day includes 2 pages with:

  • A Focused Topical Scripture Reading
  • 100-word prayer
  • Journaling segments with questions devoted to reflection on the Scripture, the principles in the passage, the results of the biblical example, and practical application for us today

The Desperate for God Bible Reading Plan & Journal calls you to enjoy a cadence of calmness no matter the chaos of life. It’s a signal that stillness isn’t a waste of time; it’s a time to build strength.

Join me in examining 31 desperate moments in the Bible and the lives of those who echo the prayer, “Lord, I’m desperate. Let it be for You.”