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Pure Joy Bible Reading Plan and Journal E-book

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Discovering true joy in your life can be as simple as journaling through the Pure Joy Bible reading plan.

The Pure Joy Bible reading plan and journal provides 31 Scripture references for a month-long adventure of cultivating a happy heart.

Happiness and joy are two peas in a pod. And yet they aren't. Being happy is experiencing the emotion of happiness, but being joyful? It's more than an emotion. Joy is both a noun and a verb. It means to experience delight from a source or to display glad feelings. It is more than a "doing" or action verb. It is "being."
In other words, joy surfaces when you possess joy and when it is part of who you are. And if you know Jesus, you know joy. The question then becomes:
How well do you know Jesus and how well do you experience the joy that comes from him? What might happen if you took the next 31 days to purposely choose joy and let it soak in your heart?
Each day of this 31-Day Bible Reading Plan & Devotional includes:
• A 3-Minute Devotion
• Key Bible Passage of the Day
• 4 Simple Journal Prompts
• One Daily Principle
• Bonus Scriptures
Specifically designed to help you remember to spend time with God each day and enjoy his love letter to you., the simplicity of this Bible reading plan and journal makes it one you’ll long to share with others. Give God’s Word the opportunity to soak into your soul and help you remember all the reasons you can be glad!